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Your relationships are about to get much, much better

Eliminate relationship fear, stress and confusion.

Develop self acceptance

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Everyone Can Have a loving and lasting relationship. Wherever you're starting from.

I take the Fear out of relationships

Relationships are stressful and confusing because they hit all of our fears.  

Rejection. Abandonment.  Not feeling good enough.  

Let me show you how to manage your fears so you can build a relationship where you are really seen and you can just be yourself and be loved for that.

We Solve Real Relationship Problems

what can we do for you?

Whether you’re part of a warring couple, a heartbroken single or anywhere in between we have solutions.

From the 30 day process to get over a break up to the Day of Truth to help couples break through deadlock.  

Our flagship is the Make Relationships Simple Club.  Every week you work on doing one thing better.  Soon, everything has changed.

Set Your Relationship Goal

Get clear about exactly what you want.

Pick One Step

Pick one thing you could do better. Then another.

Get Feedback

Come back and tell us what changed. Adjust. Then repeat the cycle.

Join the community and get solutions you couldn't have seen

be supported through your journey

alone we are lost

together we can solve any problem

plot your path to love

it all begins with a plan

Like all great relationships, it all starts with understanding.

Let’s have a conversation and work out what’s the route to your happy ever after.

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The Idea

real Change Happens bit by bit

Make Relationships Simple is an online community focused on supporting each other to better relationships.

One step at a time.

We don’t have to be Relationship Ninjas to make relationships work.  We just have to build understanding, habits and practices, one at a time.  Soon that changes everything.

Want a better relationship?

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