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Love and Happiness Are Only Ever One thought Away

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Wherever you are and however you feel right now, you are only ever one mindshift away from love and happiness.

Have Relationships Always Disappointed You?

  • Is your relationship going downhill and you’re scared you can’t save it?
  • Have you ever wondered if you’ll ever find ‘the one’?
  • Struggling to get over your ex?
  • Do you despair of making a relationship last?
  • Keep meeting Princes who turn into frogs?
  • Do relationships always end up going wrong and you don’t know why?

No One Teaches Us How To Have successful relationships

If you’re like most people, the extent of your relationship training was hearing Fairy Stories or watching Disney films where everyone lived happily ever after.

Yet in real life that’s when the work begins.   

When you realise that 40% of first marriages end in divorce.

60% of second marriages.

And a whopping 73% of third marriages divorce, you can see that we aren’t learning from experience.

there's a reason relationships break

No-one ever goes into a relationship hoping it ends.  

We start out with such hope and blinded by lust and infatuation we think things will never change.

But they always do, because relationships create friction.   

And just as friction causes wear and tear on a car, it makes us tire of our partner.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Relationships Matter

Science shows that happy relationship have the biggest impact on your life in health, well-being and in how long you’ll live.  

Money and relationships are our biggest sources of stress.  When we can ease these our health and well-being increases.

More importantly, doesn’t it feel so much better to be in love?

To have that special someone to share your life with.

The Solution

People often talk about working on their relationship or on themselves.  

But what does that actually mean?

For most people it’s just words.  

It’s code for ‘I’m waiting to see if he/she/things change before I leave’ or ‘I can’t bear more heartache right now’.

The truth is that everyone should work on themselves and their relationship.  Just like everyone should work on their health and their finances.

The three big concerns in everyone’s life are health, money and the people they love.

But almost no one knows what to do to make their relationships better.

I’ve spent almost 30 years studying every area of relationships.  I’ve observed hundreds of relationships and thousands of people. 

And I’ve noticed a few key barriers that we bring into our lives and relationships that hold us back 

I want to share what I’ve found so that you stop making the same mistakes and you start enjoying your life and loving more.  

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Here's Why Relationships Are So Difficult

There are some universal problems we all face that mean that relationships are more difficult and more disappointing than we hoped.

Understanding these empowers us to overcome the blocks to have happier and healthier relationships.

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