Relationship Coaching

End Heartache And Confusion In Your Relationships...

With The Relationship GPS System

How Can The Relationship GPS System Help You?

The Relationship GPS System is a GPS for your relationships.

It is a complete system for building love and lasting relationships from wherever you are.

Whether you’re in a relationship you want to fix, healing from heartbreak or want a relationship… it can find you lasting love.

It is a system to demystify relationships and build on truth.

It all begins with the 4 Relationship Truths.

Relationship Truth 1
Relationships are a struggle
Relationship Truth 2
They are a struggle because of our narrative
Relationship Truth 3
Relationships are better when we let go of our narrative and build on truth
Relationship Truth 4
There is a path to building on truth with the 8 Relationship Principles and the 8 Relationship Practices.
Take A Month of Truth
rob mcphillips

I Believe

Everything we want comes through our relationships.  And so relationships are critical for our sanity and wellbeing.

Your romantic  relationship should be your sanctuary from the world.  The one place where you know you will always be safe, supported and loved.  Somewhere you can always rely upon.

Month after month. 

Year after year. 

Decade after decade.  

But that rarely happens by chance.

It is built on a basis of trust, truth and respect.

The Relationship GPS System is the map to build that relationship, whether you’re yet to find your partner or are already in a relationship.

Rob McPhillips

what About you?

I’ve spent three decades working with people as a Coach and Therapist. 

Most of this time has been spent helping people to solve their relationship patterns. 

So I have seen the same issues again and again.

What I don’t know though is you. 

I don’t know what you want or what is holding you back from getting it… yet.

That for me is the excitement. Finding the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

Do you want more from your relationships?  Will you join us?

Truth Seeker's United

My intention and aim is to create solutions and resources to help Truth Seeker’s create the relationships they want.
A Truth Seeker is someone who looks for and operates on the reality of what is rather than what they wished or hoped was true.
Truth isn’t yours or mine to decide.  It isn’t written in some big book.
It is alive within us and in the world.  It is found by testing, challenging and adapting. 

The Values That Drive Relationship GPS


Truth is the only lasting and secure basis for a relationship that can’t be rocked.


From understanding we can challenge, accept and harmonise with.


What is true can withstand any challenge.  We challenge to test what is true.


 Shame, guilt and fear are barriers to truth. We have to accept ourselves, others and our circumstances as they are..


We cannot effectively control or manipulate circumstances. We have to harmonise with Life and others. 

what Is The Relationship GPS System?

The 4 Truths

Start to build on truth.

The Foundational Framework

A new way to look at relationships.

The BRAVE Model

The strategic way to build loving relationships that last.

The GPS Pathway

The 15 step, 5 stage relationship pathway

It all begins with starting from reality.  

Not what you wish was true.

Then you have to look from a rational and unbiased perspective.

Then it’s about being strategic and purposeful in what you want to create.

From there it’s a simple process of recognising where you are and the steps you have to take to move you in the direction you want to reach.

How It Works

Relationships are dynamic and constant. There is always a problem because we always want more love. The question is whether we are aware of our problem or not.

What's The Problem?

There's always a relationship problem. The question is how aware of it you are.

Identify the causes

Before you can act you have to know the forces and dynamics you need to act on.

What Do You Need To Change?

What actions do you need to take? How will you change the situation?

Readers say

I recommend a good talk with rob, even if you are not looking for someone to provide the solution but just want to say it (what ever comes out) and someone to understand and listen unbiased then Rob i found to be a good listener.


Rob is a very knowledgeable person. When I started talking with him I wasn’t sure if he can understand the things at first place, but when he started responding I was surprised to see the issue from different perspectives and opened unseen areas which helped me to get energy to give a try again. I respect him for his diversity and richness in knowledge.


I would gladly recommend Rob in the process of aiming at surviving a breakup. I really appreciated him contacting me personally upon my first email and replying to my specific questions. A structured 30-day-path provided by him really helped me to get through the tough days, giving me a sense of structure: “I know there will be another task tomorrow, and I hope I will feel a slight bit stronger tomorrow”.