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Now Is Your Time For Love

I’m so angry that I’m going to go on a bit of a rant.  Because I feel that good people like you have been sold short.  And they’re missing out on love.

And the world has so many angry, hurt and lonely people in it that we’re all suffering.  

If people had better frameworks to understand the skills it takes to find love and happiness we’d cut terrorism, school shootings and the suicide epidemic.

It’s mad that the biggest killer of men under 49 is suicide.  Something is seriously wrong with the way we have been taught to live and love that so many people feel so sad and so hopeless.

Everyday I speak to people who desperately want to find love.  Not the kind that lasts for six months before the other person ghosts them.  

Or the kind that descends into disappointment, bitterness and staying together for the fear of being alone.

I’m talking about a relationship with your best friend (that you fancy and do things you never would with your other friends).  

I’m talking about knowing there’s someone you can come home to who will hold you and listen when you rant about your Boss/the kids or whoever else has pissed you off.  

Knowing that as long as you hold up your side of the relationship, he/she will be there.  Of course, they won’t be loving every minute of the day, they will love you every day.

97-98% of people deep down want and need that sense of connection, belonging and love.  

Yet most of us never end up getting it. 

Half of all marriages end in divorce.  

And many of those surviving are only hanging on because the people in them aren’t ready to jump ship just yet or feel it’s better the devil you know.

There has to be a better way!

Here's The Part That Really Gets My Goat

Most of those people that crave and need more stability and love in their life aren’t getting it because they’ve been sold a pile of crap as relationship advice.

Then when the relationship doesn’t work out, we blame the partner and think we just haven’t found ‘The One’. so we go back out in search of our missing piece. Then after years wasted we end up hurt and believing it must just be something wrong with us.

So then we become afraid of love. Because what we know of love is that it ends in heartbreak.  So how can we trust our own judgement if we were so wrong about the last one?  And the one before that.

So maybe we just avoid relationships for a while. And life is ok. But there’s always that nagging feeling that something is missing. 

Our heart aches for someone to walk our journey with us.

And maybe there is someone that breaks through our fears and apathy.  But we go into the relationship so full of fear and trepidation that oftentimes we end up pushing the person away or jumping ship before we can get hurt again.

There are so many variations of this story that I’ve heard.  And it drives me mad… because it’s not your fault.

It’s often not even the fault of your ex partner.  Mostly, it’s the bullshit stories we’ve been given about how relationships work. Even when they do shitty things it’s usually because people don’t know how to do any better.

Most people deep down are good people. Most people get into relationships wanting them to last.

There are a small minority who are completely self centred and no-one should ever get into a relationship with them. But other than that people lie, cheat and neglect others mostly because they are weak and don’t know any better.

Maybe you did things you weren’t proud of in past relationships.  It’s not about raking over what happened in the past.  It’s about making the future different.

I want to change the way people understand relationships. 

I want people to know how to build relationships from the ground up so that they can make their current or next relationship work.

And if it’s not going to work then I want them to get out as quick as they can and find one that does.

I want to help people find love from wherever they are. Whether it’s unhappy in an existing relationship, newly in love and wanting to build on solid foundations or broken hearted from a break up and fearing they’ll never trust again.

Even more than that, I want people to know that there’s love and happiness waiting for them.  They just have to make the effort to meet it halfway.

It all starts with knowing that building lasting love is a set of learnable skills. 

And then making the decision to make love a priority and develop those skills.

Wherever you are and however you feel right now, you are only ever one shift in thinking away from love and happiness.

If you’re ready to learn a new way and are willing to put in some effort, sign up below.  And I’ll start sending you a new framework to understand relationships  and finally change the results you get.