About The Relationship GPS Project

My story

The Goal

To create systems and solutions that demystify relationships so that anyone willing to put in the time and attention can build the relationship they want from wherever they are.

My Why

Everything we want in the world, comes through our relationships.  And so there is no skill that is more valuable than to have happy and secure, stable relationships.

Yet most of us have had zero training in relationships.  We’ve been given a bunch of rules, ideas and shoulds that are failing us.  

It’s time to have a more honest conversation about relationships and create more clarity on how we have better relationships. 

The Philosophy

rob mcphillips

I Believe

That there is nothing more important than relationships.

Everything we want in life comes through relationships.  They are our gateway to everything outside of ourselves.  

No relationship is harder than a romantic relationship.  Your romantic relationship should be your sanctuary from the world.  A cocoon of safety, support and love.  

Unfortunately, that happens all too rarely.  Instead our relationships become like our cars.  

At first we’re all excited by it.  Then we get used to it and barely notice it.  Then we look around and see newer fancier cars.  Soon, our car feels old and limited.  Then we trade it in for a new one.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.  After three decades of helping people work through challenges with their relationships I’ve noticed many common patterns.  If you’re interested, I’d like to share what I’ve learned.

Rob McPhillips

The Values That Drive Relationship GPS


Truth is the only lasting and secure basis for a relationship that can’t be rocked.


From understanding we can challenge, accept and harmonise with.


What is true can withstand any challenge.  We challenge to test what is true.


 Shame, guilt and fear are barriers to truth. We have to accept ourselves, others and our circumstances as they are..


We cannot effectively control or manipulate circumstances. We have to harmonise with Life and others. 

what Is The Relationship GPS System?

The Foundational Framework

A new way to look at relationships.

The Emotional Foundation

Relationships work when people are grounded, stable and happy.

The BRAVE Model

The strategic way to build loving relationships that last.

The GPS Pathway

The 15 step, 5 stage relationship pathway

The SatNav for your relationships

Relationships are complex dynamics.  There’s lots that can go wrong.

You don’t need to know everything about relationships.  You only have to know the next steps you need to take to build the relationship you want or to make your existing relationship better.

What's The Problem?

There's always a relationship problem. The question is how aware of it you are.

Identify the causes

Before you can act you have to know the forces and dynamics you need to act on.

What Do You Need To Change?

What actions do you need to take? How will you change the situation?

get your personalised relationship roadmap

People often talk about working on themselves or their relationships. Yet what do they actually do? A Relationship Roadmap is a list of the key changes you personally need to make, to achieve the relationship you want.
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