About The Relationship GPS Project

I believe that there is a lack of truth in our relationships, which ruins them.

It’s easier to say what we think the other person wants to hear than to be honest and expose ourselves to honesty and words we may find uncomfortable.

It’s easier to pretend everything is ok, than to say it how it is, when we don’t know how to fix it.

This lack of truth creates a lack of trust.  So we do not know why our partner does what they do.  Is it to hurt us or from ignorance?

Without truth there is mistrust and a lack of connection.  And relationships become habits and superficial connections.  Yet we yearn for more meaningful connection.

Lack of honesty and connection kills relationships because it’s not what we say or do that matters, but how we feel.  

The truth determines how any relationship will go.  Not all of them are meant to last forever, but they do not have to end in acrimony, bitterness and hurt.  Getting to the truth quicker can remove the negative emotions and either strengthen the bond or let you know the relationship is not right and move on without hurt or animosity.

The Relationship GPS Project is my mission to help bring more truth, love and happiness to relationships.

The GPS is because I want to make it as simple to navigate our relationships as easily as Google Maps can guide us on our travels.

I help Truth Seekers that are having painful or unfulfilling relationships (including with themselves and with the universe in general) to remove the pain and conflict from their relationships.

A Truth Seeker is someone positive and open minded,  who genuinely wants to grow and evolve.  Someone that takes full responsibility for their experience and is open to being challenged.  

The truth is the reality of whatever is going to happen.  And so knowing the truth lets you navigate your relationships more authentically and successfully.

To do this, my goal is to help people to build a more solid and secure emotional foundation and greater awareness so that they can cope with hurt, disappointment and rejection.  Because when this no longer holds them back from truth, they are free to love fully and truly.  Otherwise they become slaves to their relationship and lose themselves.

I want to help them to overcome the traps of fear, greed and wanting to please others and live the kind of life that makes them feel good about themselves, makes others love them and makes them proud of the life they’ve lived.   

I want to help them to be themselves and be loved for that.  To have the skill to say what they mean and ask for what they want, so that there is a deep and real connection.

About Me

People quite often ask me why I do what I do.  

Did I have some traumatic relationship that makes me want to help others?  

What I believe, if I’m religious and whether I meditate etc.  

If we are going to develop a relationship of trust and openness, I think it’s only fair that I go first, so here’s a more personal page about me and what motivates me.

Who Is The Relationship GPS Project For?

I don’t care if you’re male, female or any of the varieties in between.

I don’t care if you’re black, white or any shade in between.

I don’t care if you’re young, old or any age in between.

I don’t care if you’re rich, poor or any degree between.

All that matters is you have an open mind and are able to challenge anything in an honest approach to find the truth with the spirit that we don’t know yet, but together we’ll explore and find out.

In short, what I call a Truth Seeker.

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