About The Relationship GPS Project

The Why

I’ve always been a rebel.  At the core, what I do is to advocate for the individual.


All that exists are individuals.  You can’t touch a relationship, an organisation or a nation.  


Individuals are the basic building blocks of relationships, of organisations, of countries and of society as a whole.  People are all that matters.  


The problem is that we have forgotten that these organisations are there to serve and support us.  And we have come to see ourselves as their pawns.


We are continually being asked (or believe we have) to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of relationships, for organisations and for others.  


People feel small and unworthy.  I do what I do, to help people take back the power and control over their life that they have unknowingly given to others.  


I want people to know that they matter.  That they have control over their life. That the structures they feel controlled by, are actually there to support them.  Because when the individuals in the world are happier, our organisations and the world in general becomes a better place.


All of that begins with gaining the knowledge and skills to have better relationships.  Relationships are the way we connect with everything around us. Our quality of life is dependent on our level of skill in relationships.

rob mcphillips

The Mission

To Take The Heartache, Confusion And Fear Out Of Relationships
Relationships exist to enhance our lives.  Yet so often they end up draining us.
Couples get together so full of hope and excitement. Yet all too often they end up hurt, disappointed and bitter.
It’s not the people in the relationship that are to blame.  It is the framework of how we understand relationships that doesn’t make sense or work. 
Relationships work better when the people in them understand each other better.
What destroys relationships is miscommunication, misunderstanding and mistrust. When we understand each other we know if we want the same relationship. We know if the differences and problems we face are solveable or not.
The goal should never be to make the relationship work.
The goal is to find the person that makes a relationship work.
A relationship based on lies cannot ever lead to a happy, secure and lasting. relationship. Because that makes relationship fragile and insecure.  
Lies are always revealed. The question is when.
Relationships have to be built on truth. That is the only sustainable basis to improve communication, understanding and trust.
My mission is to make it easier for people to build their relationships on truth. So they have more clarity, excitement and love in their relationships.

The Philosophy

What You Need To Know, When You Need To Know It
Relationships should be managed rather than obsessed about.  
People spend too much time on the ups and downs in their relationships. Yet they do too little to change them. Because they lack the insight and knowledge to know how.
Relationships matter.  Yet the best ones are boring.  They are reliable and can be trusted, year after year.
For many people though, relationships and dating has become a hobby. Because they have so much anxiety about IF it will work that they need to know NOW. They take score too soon over something they hope will be permanent.
There’s no question IF you can have a relationship.  Work the process and the only question is WHO will it be with. 
Relationships are key for a happy and healthy life.  We are going to have them.  So why not make them the best they can be?
You shouldn’t have to have so much heartache before you get a relationship that fulfils you.
The Relationship GPS system exists to turn confusion into clarity.  And stress into love.