Happily Ever After

Get More From Your Relationships

  • Are you in a relationship that is slipping away and you don’t know how to fix it?
  • Does your partner refuse to talk to you whenever you really need to talk?
  • Do you feel all your partner does is nag and criticise you?
  • Are you stuck in a relationship and wish you could get out, but are scared of ending it?
  • Or are you single and beginning to give up on finding ‘the one’?
  • Or recovering from heartbreak and wanting to make sure next time goes better?

Almost all of our emotional pain comes from two sources…

A lack of money or love.

Getting more of either is a learned skill.

Here’s how to have better relationships and feel more love.

Why Are Relationships so Hard?

In school we learned plenty of useless stuff.  When did you last use Trigonometry?

Yet, who ever taught you how healthy relationships work?

Instead we had our head filled with fairy tales of gallant Princes saving beautiful Princesses.  All she had to do was take his breath away with her beauty, he would slay the dragon and then they lived happily ever after.

Then magazines and ads have told us ever since, that it’s how we look that determines our relationship.  So cosmetics sales rise and rise and gym membership sales grow, but our relationships keep crashing and burning.

Because it turns out that however hot you are, that only lasts so long.  A real relationship takes effort, insight and skill.  Let me explain…

What Causes a relationship to break?

Unacceptable Behaviour

One (or both) cheats, betrays their partner or acts in a way that is unacceptable to the other.

Out of control Emotions

One (or both) can't control their emotions leading to neediness, addiction, depression, over controlling behaviour or abuse.

Communication Breakdown

Or they don't know how to communicate, bridge differences and maintain the bond which leads to them growing apart and blaming incompatibility.

The Three Vulnerabilities In A Relationship

Not Managing Emotions

Relationships can bring up our deepest fears and make us act our most childish. We have to be able to keep our emotions in check and not overreact to that of others.

Lack of integrity or character

Sometimes you just picked the wrong person. Some people will repeatedly lie, cheat, let you down and refuse to behave in a way that leads to a happy relationship.

Two foxes fighting

Breakdown in Communication

A relationship has to be able to meet both individual's needs. It has to manage conflict and maintain the bond and keep the passion alive.

There Is An Equation To Success in love and relationships

Ok.  The actual equation is…

2(Secure Emotional Foundations + Integrity) + Relational and Communicational Skills = Love

But Relationship Readiness is my shorthand for all it takes to make a relationship work.

What Is Relationship Readiness?

Imagine there’s a scale where zero is that you’re such a Douchebag that no-one could be in a relationship with you and 100 is where you would be an amazing Partner for anyone… Relationship Readiness is that scale.

The higher your RR, the more likely your – or any other – relationship will work

This means how secure your emotional foundations are, how much integrity and character you live with and your level of relational and communication skills.

The Steps to Relationship Readiness


Get clear on what you want and how you can get it with integrity.


Understand and express what you need and know what your partner needs.


Appreciate your partner and develop more and more love for them.

Do I Need To Increase My Relationship Readiness?

If you want a strong, loving and happy relationship, let’s look at your options…

This is like buying a lottery ticket and hoping to get rich.

The truth is that there are a small amount of couples that do just naturally hit the jackpot and things work out for them.

Yet most people keep hitting the same roadblocks in relationship after relationship.  They blame the other person, keep swapping partners and getting the same results.

You tell yourself that this is real life and the best you can hope for.  Nothing changes and you let yourself get used to frustration, disappointment and resentment. 

Either your partner goes for it or they don’t.  But let’s say they do… what exactly are you going to do?

Without a plan and a roadmap, conversations like these can just end up as frustrating rows.

Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

Every relationship is different because each person is different.  

Yet every relationship has challenges and problems.  It’s just that with a new person they’re a different set of problems.  

It’s knowing how to deal with these problems when they arise that determines your relationship success.

I’m the last person to tell anyone they need a cookie cutter approach to anything.  It’s your life and your path.  If you really 100% are dedicated to understanding how relationships and emotions work then this will be your best option because you will find the right path for you.

However, only one in a thousand people have that level of dedication and devotion. 

Most will give up when they get stuck or when life gets in the way.  Few people are willing to put in the time and work to make this journey. 

I’ve spent almost 30 years studying the theory, watching people in all kinds of real life situations and analysing and identifying universal patterns.

I’m here to shortcut your journey and distil the key factors that ensures your success. 

I’m convinced that the only way to be sure of a secure loving relationship is by increasing your relationship readiness and being with a Partner with enough integrity and character that you can make it work.

You can’t guarantee a particular relationship will work, but the higher your relationship readiness, the lower theirs can be and it still work out.

The one thing you can’t get around though is someone that doesn’t have the character to be honest and trustworthy.  Often people have affairs or do things that hurt us from emotional vulnerability and with a willingness to atone and overcome this you can rebuild the relationship.

But someone that repeatedly lies and cheats and deep down has no intention of changing is a lost cause.  And you either have to give up on them or get used to being hurt again and again.

However, the skills and foundation you have developed will prepare you perfectly to have a more successful relationship in the future.


How Can I Help You On Your Lover's Journey?

After three decades of working with people as a Therapist and Coach, the number one issue people wanted to talk about was their relationships.  Even psychology research tells us that the biggest predictor of health, longevity and well-being is the state of our relationships.

And so on my quest to make relationships easier, I have researched, analysed and reverse-engineered every element that affects relationships.  From overcoming heartbreak, to finding ‘the one’, to dealing with conflict, to maintaining the spark in a long-term relationship.

I have compressed everything into a 10 week path to Relationship Readiness.  Here’s the pathway…

The Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem Audit

You have to know where you are to begin. It's what we aren't aware of that drives most of our behaviours. Becoming aware of your vulnerabilities is the start of your journey to healing and strengthening them.

Dog and cat looking at each other

Who Am I? Developing Deeper Self Awareness

The first relationship you have is with yourself. You have to start by understanding, accepting and loving yourself. Your quirks and idiosyncrasies.

This can make you feel more secure within a relationship.

More than that though, part of any success is making sure you are playing a game you can win. Too many people try to be or do something they could never succeed at.

The Moon at night

Healing Your Wounds, Banishing Your Demons And Facing Fears

All of us have a dark side. All of have wounds, demons and fears that make us vulnerable and drive us to behave in ways that make us ashamed, feel guilty and regret. The way to gain control over your future destiny is by healing your wounds, banishing your demons and facing your fears so you can strip the power they have over you.

Think Clearly And Be True To Yourself

Relationships end because of incompatibility, a breakdown in the relationship bond or because of a betrayal. There are temptations all around us that can harm the relationship, from cheating, to losing ourselves in the relationship, to sabotage and neglect that can kill the relationship. These are the traps that will poison your relationship and make you feel like a shitty person.

Learn how to identify and overcome these minefields.

Man on cliff edge

Developing A New Perspective On Relationships

Many of the problems we have in our relationships come from the way we've been taught to view them. Some of the expectations and philosophies we have developed can create problems within a relationship.

Understanding the role of relationships in our life and taking a new approach to them can set us up for success and the love we crave.

Understanding The Difference Between The Hard and soft landscape in relationships

When you make a cake there's a big difference between raw ingredients and recipes. There's a similar dynamic in relationships.

The raw ingredients are set. They determine the relationship potential.

The recipes though are limited by your knowledge and creativity.

Understanding the difference and changing the recipe can make a huge difference.

Compatibility and Dealing With Conflict and Differences

No two individuals are perfectly compatible. There are always some differences.

As Dan Wile says 'When you marry a person, you marry a set of problems. You could have chosen someone else and not have those problems, but you'd have a different set of problems'

The problems aren't the issue. The issue is how you deal with your differences.

Understanding relationship Dynamics

How they change and how you can deliberately change them! Relationships change over time. There are stages that they go through and understanding the stages can give you understanding of why certain things are happening.

But also knowing and understanding the dynamics can give you the power to change those dynamics.

Sex, Intimacy And Passion

Relationships can get stale. Sex can take a backseat to kids, work or Game of Thrones. It's easy for your relationship to fall into a rut that kills passion and desire.

Attraction, passion and intimacy don't have to fade though.

Maintaining The bond

Relationships are dynamic. They are either strengthening or weakening, but can never stay the same.

Yet typically in a relationship we get complacent and act as if our partner will always be there. It's important to ensure that we are strengthening the bond and continually refreshing our relationship.

Guidance And support as you need it

My goal isn’t just to fill you up with knowledge to become a relationship expert.  The information and frameworks are all there to signpost your journey so that you cover every vulnerability your relationship might have.  However, my aim is to give you what you personally need. 

Information is all very well, it is a part of the solution, but in itself it doesn’t change anything.  What matters is how you apply that information… how it impacts you… how it changes your thinking, your emotions and your behaviour… how it makes you easier to love and able to love more deeply.

My job is to obsess about relationships.  I get to see hundreds of relationships up close.  I see the ones that thrive and the ones that die and so I notice recurring and universal patterns. I’m always learning new ideas, which I apply to relationships to find new insights.  So you get to be at the cutting edge of relationship technology without having to spend hours reading and studying.

I’m going to coach you through the next ten weeks, step by step as you go through your life, I’ll be there as you have questions, to help you apply whatever you need to improve your specific situation.  And just as learning any new skill involves failing on the way to mastery, I’ll be there to talk you through it and help you pick up the pieces.

So here’s the support you’ll get…

New Concepts, Principles and strategies To change your perspective

Your thinking underpins everything you do and so when you change your beliefs and philosophy you have the most powerful shifts which change everything you do. I'll keep adding to these as and when I see something that could be relevant.

weekly group calls/podcast

There's a reason why books and courses have limited effectiveness. It's often in the subtle nuances that people get lost. They don't understand the full details of something and so they don't see how it applies to their situation. There will be a weekly group call where we can discuss in more detail any aspects relevant, share experiences, ask and answer questions specific to whatever situations you’re facing right now. We can also help you figure out what the next steps you need to take are. And of course we’ll be there the next week to find out how it went and offer feedback.

As you listen to solutions other people get and the experiences and diverse opinions you'll understand the concepts at a much deeper level. You can contribute whatever you're comfortable with or stay silent and anonymous if you prefer.

All group calls will be recorded so you can listen in if you can't make the call or replay to let the insights sink in.

weekly coaching hours

Sometimes you have questions or situations that you don't want to share with many people. Sometimes you just need to get your head clear and you need a more personal 1-1 chat. I've set aside time each week to answer any question you have.

Text/Whatsapp/Facebook Messenger Chat

Sometimes you need a different perspective, but you aren’t able to talk for whatever reason. You can message me 24/7/365. Obviously I can’t always reply immediately, but I’ll reply as soon as I can and talk through the situation with you so that you can move forwards as quickly as possible. The key to making progress is momentum and making sure you don’t get stuck. But you’ll be able to gain a new perspective and move on.

What Past Readers And Clients Say

Is This Right For You?

I’ve spent almost thirty years studying people and relationships preparing for this.  I’ve worked closely with thousands of people and assimilated hundreds of different theories and philosophies.

But what really matters isn’t what’s in this course.  What matters is you.

Any diet can work if someone follows it wholeheartedly.  Yet the best diet won’t work for someone who cheats on it.

Any exercise routine can make someone fitter if they follow it.  Yet the best routine won’t work for someone who doesn’t give it a decent shot.

I’ve poured my heart, soul and brain into this course.  There is no other course that is as thorough as this.  Some courses will give you dating skills. Some will develop your relationship skills.  But skills are only achievable when you have the emotional foundations and perspective to build them on.

No other solution guides you to  set the right emotional foundations, clarifies your thinking and helps you to live more authentically before giving you a guide to transforming your relationship.

Yet none of that will make any difference to you UNLESS you are receptive and ready to hear and implement it.

This isn’t a magic pill or miracle cure.  This is a simplified guide to a process that will transform you as a person in every area of your life.


ONLY if you’re ready to do the work.    

Transforming yourself and your relationship takes as much effort as transforming your body.  If you want muscles you have to put in time at the gym.  Same goes here.  You need to commit a minimum of two to three hours a week to making this work.

Aside from that you have to be open to having your views challenged and considering new ideas.  

You have to be willing to face your fears.  It’s beyond your fears that you find your dreams.

If you are… this could transform your life and your relationships.


Are You The Right Person For This?

Relationship Readiness Coaching Programme

10 Week Pathway To Better Relationships
£ 497
  • 10 Module Pathway
  • Group Calls
  • Coaching Hours
  • Anytime Message Access
Pilot Offer

No Risk Money Back Guarantee

I’m sure you’ll be thrilled once you take the Lover’s Journey.  However, this is the internet and you don’t know me and whether I really can deliver on my promises.

So, if at any time in the first 30 days you don’t feel this is going to work for you, you can cancel and I’ll return your money with no hard feelings or hassle.

Of course I’d like to know why, but you don’t have to tell me to get your money back.