Happy Ever After Recipe

The Happy Ever After Recipe

The Happy Ever After Recipe (1)

Heal your life and relationships by getting real.

resolve conflict, fix the vulnerabilities in your relationship and fall in love again.

Why We Need a recipe for love

I started The Relationship GPS Project with a dream.  

I want it to be as easy to feel loved and love as Google Maps makes it to find your destination.

My mission is to create that solution for you.

Because deep down, all of us would much rather be making love than fighting. We’d rather be friends than enemies.

But, we just get caught up in the day to day details of life.  We get caught up in our emotions and insecurities and the stories we have in our head.  And so we start to feel resentful, unloved, disrespected and taken for granted.

I want to help people to learn how to have happier relationships with less friction, more fun and more passion.


Where Are Our relationship Role Models?

We grew up with fairy stories and Disney films as our role models and aspirations  for relationships.

Look at how many people there are out there to help you plan and create your perfect wedding day.  

Because people think about creating their perfect wedding day far more than they think about creating the twenty, thirty or forty years of marriage.

Then look at how many divorce lawyers are out there getting rich off the carnage of broken relationships and how people will fritter away all they’ve built up in the relationship because they’re so hurt and angry at the person they once loved.

But who’s there to help you make sure that your relationship delivers on the promise and dream you had when you said “I do”?

There’s very few courses or support for that.  Because it’s not as glamorous and because we think love is all we need.  

But love is like a fragile plant.  It’s a beautiful thing, but needs nurture and care to blossom.

There’s plenty of courses out there appealing to our biggest fears or desires and offering “foolproof pick up lines”, rules to get the guy or promising you can get your ex back by following their formula.


But what Happens After You Get The Girl or Guy?

But what happens next?

What happens when your ex comes back… when you get the girl or pick up the girl?

If the relationship was the same as it was, surely, it’s going to fall apart again.

If there’s a common pattern in your relationships will this girl or guy be any different?

If the definition of insanity is expecting to do the same thing and get different results, isn’t it crazy to swap partners and expect relationships to work without us changing what we bring to relationships and how we can make them better?

Assuming you’re looking for more than just a quick hook up, there is no point knowing how to get the guy or girl, or even your ex back, if you don’t understand the mechanics of relationships enough to know you can make things work this time?

Not just the basic manipulations of doing X to get Y, but understanding what it really takes to make a relationship work.

The Big Problem That Kills Most Relationships

The biggest problem we have with relationships is that we don’t know how to fix them when they go wrong and we create so much friction that they die from wear and tear.

Ever said you were going to work on yourself or your relationship?

People say that every day, yet most do nothing because they don’t know what to do.

You can easily go to the gym and waste your time because you don’t know what you’re doing.  And also because you’re scared and because it’s too uncomfortable to push yourself enough to the point where it hurts.

Or you can go and follow a structured workout that gives you more balanced and stronger muscles, that makes you look and feel better and you know you’ve spent your time well.

In all things in life, you can drift and not get anywhere.  You can dabble with a little of this and a little of that. Or you can learn what you need to know what it will take to make your relationships great.

I’ve spent the last three decades understanding people and relationship dynamics.  I’ve distilled everything you need into a 10 step pathway and I’d like to personally guide you through it so that you can have the relationship you’ve always craved wherever you’re starting from.

Start From Wherever You Are

Whether you’re single right now and without a decent relationship prospect in sight.

Whether you’re in a relationship that you can’t see any hope of reviving.

Or whether you’re in a relationship you know you need to get out of.

Or whether you’re heartbroken and can’t see any future without your ex.

Whatever your situation, this pathway will take you through the steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.

To feeling a rush of love when you look at your partner.  To thinking about him, or her, as you go through your day and feeling a warm inner glow.  To being held tight and feeling wrapped in love.

Now let me be absolutely honest here.  I can’t promise that you’re going to turn around your relationship with your partner because I don’t know them and the variables in your relationship.

The Happy Ever After Recipe is a recipe.  And like any recipe it is only as good as the raw ingredients it works with.

If you have those in place then it can work for you.  If not it’s going to be lacking.

Maybe the best thing for you is to split and start over with someone new.  So I can’t make you promises on WHO or WHEN.

But I can make you a promise that you’ll understand relationships much better.  That you’ll know how to navigate your relationships so that you can love without losing yourself.

And most importantly, you’ll be ready for love and a deep lasting relationship as soon as you get the opportunity.  Whether it’s with your current partner or someone else.

No More Feeling Stuck And Unsure What To Do

I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through developing all the foundations, qualities and skills it takes to build a rock solid relationship.  Here’s what we’ll cover…

Emotional Foundations

  • You’ll develop a deep self awareness to know who you are and what you need to thrive.
  • You’ll develop a deep self awareness to know who you are and what you need to thrive.
  • You’ll learn how to regulate your emotions so they don’t spill over and blow up your relationship


  • You’ll develop stronger character traits
  • You'll keep your promises to yourself and others so you do the things that make a difference.
  • You'll develop a deeper trust in yourself so that when you look yourself in the mirror you’ll feel proud of who you’ve become.

Relational Skills

  • You’ll learn how to deal with conflict and how to repair after a fight.
  • You'll discover how to embrace differences and use them to strengthen your bond.
  • You'll learn to build a shared future and vision for where you're going as a couple.

Communication Skills

  • You’ll learn how to ask for what you want and to understand what your partner wants.
  • You’ll learn the difference between communication that bonds and communication that causes friction.
  • Make communication easier, more positive and more enjoyable.

Your Relationship Matters.

Your Future Wellbeing Is At Stake

Our relationship is surrounded by challenges, distractions, temptations and threats.

We live in a world that’s becoming increasingly disposable.  When something breaks we replace it.

We live in an on demand world, where when we have a discomfort we want it fixed… NOW

We live in a world that promises to fulfil our every desire.  Just swipe right to hook up. Just take this pill and you’ll be shredded.  Just buy this and you’ll be cool.

But real life isn’t like your Instagram feed.  Real life is messy. With people that act like five year olds having a strop.  With people that hurt us with their words.

You see, we have come to an interesting time in the world.  

The food industry gratifies our taste buds by loading our foods with sugar… at the expense of our long term health.

Our media gratifies our desire for beauty by photoshopping models… at the expense of our emotional wellbeing.

And the porn industry gratifies our lust by playing out our wildest fantasies… at the expense of our sex lives.

You see, while every app and advert promises us easy gratification, real love and real happiness don’t come from easy solutions.

A strong bond, trust, intimacy and the love you crave don’t come easily… or on demand.  

Nor does looking in the mirror and feeling good about yourself.

They have to be built over time with understanding, tolerance. Love and sometimes a few tears.

Love isn’t some missing piece that you just find.  Love is something you achieve by stopping doing whatever is blocking it.

Love =
Raw Ingredients + Recipe

It’s easy to write someone off and blame them for the relationship not working and move on.  

But how many times are you going to do that?

It’s easy to find someone new who seems so wonderful and who thinks you’re amazing…

For five to ten years.

But what happens when the gloss starts to rub off and you’re back to square one?

Don’t you want to know how to make this relationship everything you hoped it would be?

It’s time to stop looking for easy solutions and put in the effort and time to really know how to make a relationship work.

What story will you tell in six months?

Outline of a man in a hoodie

This is where the people who transform their relationship will go.  Wanna be one of them?

I want you to tell your story here.  To tell people of your journey to relationship mastery.  

What will you write when you talk of your transformation?

Of how things are now and how they were before you fixed all the vulnerabilities in your relationship so that you feel more loved than ever.  Of how you feel more secure than ever.

This program is brand new.  No one has yet been through all the steps in this format.  I’ve helped hundreds of people in different ways to get over their heartbreak, to fix their relationship and to find themself.  

But I’ve never before put it in such a clear pathway.  Mostly it’s relied on me being intensively involved in coaching them.  However, after years of experience and observation I have built the Happily Ever After Recipe to be the quickest route to your relationship happiness.

I’m hoping it’s enough for you to go through on your own, but I expect there will be teething problems.  Aren’t there always?

So I’ve included access to me.  You get coaching hours and almost 24/7 messaging access at a cost much lower than normal coaching fees.  Because I want to fill the testimonials box up with people like you raving about the transformation they’ve had in their love life.  

Here's what you get in The Happy ever after recipe

The Ten Module Pathway

The Self-Esteem Launchpad

The basic building block of a relationship is the individuals in it.  And self-esteem is the foundation that all of our interactions build from.

We’ll need to start with you and identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that a relationship could expose.

Developing Deeper Self-Awareness

Dog and cat looking at each other

The first relationship you have is with yourself. 

So many relationships die because we lose ourselves in them.  Here we’re going to get you rock solid self-awareness.

You have to start by understanding, accepting and loving yourself. Your quirks and idiosyncrasies.

This can make you feel more secure within a relationship.

More than that though, part of any success is making sure you are playing the game you want to win… and can Too many people try to be or do something they don’t really want or could never succeed at.

Heal Your Wounds. Banish your demons. face your fears

The Moon at night

All of us have a dark side.

All of have wounds, demons and fears that make us vulnerable and drive us to behave in ways that make us ashamed, feel guilty and regret.

The way to gain control over your future destiny is by healing your wounds, banishing your demons and facing your fears so you can strip the power they have over you.

Live With Integrity

Relationships end because of incompatibility, a breakdown in the relationship bond or because of a betrayal. 

There are temptations all around us that can harm the relationship, from cheating, to losing ourselves in the relationship, to sabotage and neglect that can kill the relationship. 

These are the traps that will poison your relationship and make you feel like a shitty person.

Learn how to identify and overcome these minefields.

Seeing Relationships In A New Light

Man on cliff edge

Many of the problems we have in our relationships come from the way we’ve been taught to view them. Some of the expectations and philosophies we have developed can create problems within a relationship.

Understanding the role of relationships in our life and taking a new approach to them can set us up for success and the love we crave.

Identifying Your Raw Ingredients

Raw Ingredients prepared

There’s a big difference between raw ingredients and the recipe.

The raw ingredients are set. They determine the relationship potential.

The recipes though are limited by your knowledge and creativity. 

Understanding what the raw ingredients are and knowing the recipe can make a huge difference to your relationship.

Dealing with differences and conflict

No two individuals are perfectly compatible. There are always some differences.

As Dan Wile says ‘When you marry a person, you marry a set of problems. You could have chosen someone else and not have those problems, but you’d have a different set of problems’

The problems aren’t the issue. The issue is how you deal with your differences.

Understanding and changing relationship dynamics

How they change and how you can deliberately change them! 

Relationships change over time. There are stages that they go through and understanding the stages can give you understanding of why certain things are happening.

But also knowing and understanding the dynamics can give you the power to change those dynamics.

Sex, Intimacy and passion

Relationships can get stale.  Sex can take a backseat to kids, work or Game of Thrones.  

It’s easy for your relationship to fall into a rut that kills passion and desire. 

Attraction, passion and intimacy don’t have to fade though.

Maintaining The Bond

Relationships are dynamic. 

They are either strengthening or weakening, but can never stay the same. 

Yet typically in a relationship we get complacent and act as if our partner will always be there. 

It’s important to ensure that we are strengthening the bond and continually refreshing our relationship.

Guidance And Support whenever You Need It

My goal isn’t just to fill you up with knowledge to become a relationship expert. 

The information and frameworks are all there to signpost your journey so that you cover every vulnerability your relationship might have. However, my aim is to give you what you personally need.

Information is all very well, it is a part of the solution, but in itself it doesn’t change anything. 

What matters is how you apply that information… how it impacts you… how it changes your thinking, your emotions and your behaviour… how it makes you easier to love and able to love more deeply.

My job is to obsess about relationships. 

I get to see hundreds of relationships up close. I see the ones that thrive and the ones that die and so I notice recurring and universal patterns. I’m always learning new ideas, which I apply to relationships to find new insights. 

So you get to be at the cutting edge of relationship technology without having to spend hours reading and studying.

I’m going to coach you through the next ten weeks, step by step as you go through your life, I’ll be there as you have questions, to help you apply whatever you need to improve your specific situation. 

And just as learning any new skill involves failing on the way to mastery, I’ll be there to talk you through it and help you pick up the pieces.

So here’s the support you’ll get as you go through your pathway…

Weekly Group Calls

There’s a reason why books and courses have limited effectiveness. 

It’s often in the subtle nuances that people get lost. They don’t understand the full details of something and so they don’t see how it applies to their situation. 

There will be a weekly group call where we can discuss in more detail any aspects relevant, share experiences, ask and answer questions specific to whatever situations you’re facing right now. 

We can also help you figure out what the next steps you need to take are. And of course we’ll be there the next week to find out how it went and offer feedback.

As you listen to solutions other people get and the experiences and diverse opinions you’ll understand the concepts at a much deeper level. You can contribute whatever you’re comfortable with or stay silent and anonymous if you prefer.

All group calls will be recorded so you can listen in if you can’t make the call or replay to let the insights sink in.

Weekly Coaching Hours

Sometimes you have questions or situations that you don’t want to share with many people. 

Sometimes you just need to get your head clear and you need a more personal 1-1 chat. 

I’ve set aside time each week to answer any question you have.

24/7 Messaging Access

Sometimes we all get stuck. 

The key to making progress is momentum and making sure you don’t get stuck on the details.

I want to make sure you keep moving forward, so you can message me 24/7/365. 

I’ll reply as soon as I can and talk through the situation with you so that you can move forwards as quickly as possible. 

What Past Readers And Clients Say

So What Does The Happy Ever After Recipe Coaching Programme Cost?

The Happy Ever After Recipe

10 Week Coaching Programme
£ 497
  • 10 Module Pathway
  • Group Calls
  • Coaching Hours
  • Anytime Message Access
1st 50 Price

This is a complete relationship coaching programme that will cost £2,000 to £3,000 once all the kinks are ironed out and I have my case studies to prove it.  

But for now it’s something I want to prove and so I’m giving you a massive discount and reducing the price to just £497 for the first 50 people. 

Because I have to be there for you, I have to limit access to 15 people in at a time.

You can wait and see, but remember, if you wait and miss out the price will go up.

No Risk 60 Day Guarantee

Yet there’s always a risk that you won’t get what you were promised.  You might not feel my approach is for you. You might not it’s everything you hope it will be right now.

I understand that.  So number one in recognition of your willingness to be first to try this groundbreaking course, I’m giving you a massive discount.  And secondly, I’m going to give you a full 60 days to make sure you love this Recipe or I’ll give you every penny of your money back.   

So what do you have to lose?

Maybe some time.  But what’s your alternative?

Quite frankly from where I’m looking there isn’t a better solution available that will take you from wherever you are now to being Relationship Ready.  Knowing exactly how to fix and improve your relationship.

So what are you waiting for?

What Will It Take To Succeed With This Programme?

Any programme works if you follow it completely and no programme works if you don’t do any of it.

So here’s what you need to be able to commit for this to be a success for you?

  • You need to have an open mind. What you’ve done hasn’t worked so you need to find a new approach.
  • You need to be committed to the truth. What stops people being successful in any area is believing their own stories more than the truth of the facts.
  • You need to be willing to work. No excuses. There’s never enough time. There’s always something else that needs doing. No one gets buff by missing their gym sessions. For you to change, you have to make it a priority.