Honest Talk About Heartbreak, Dating And Relationships Meetup Group

Honest Talk About Heartbreak, Dating And Relationships Podcast

Have Questions About Relationships, Break Ups or Dating?

All of us get stuck at times finding our way through relationships.  It’s the area that causes us the most pain in our life.

Whether you’re trying to find your way through the weirdos, perverts and players in the dating jungle.

Or struggling to maintain love with a partner who tests your limits.

Maybe you’re just trying to cope with the heartbreak at the end of a relationship and want to be able to get through the day without breaking down in tears.

Or maybe you’re someone who’s been through these challenges and has stories to tell and wisdom to share.

Whatever your situation, if you are interested in sharing your experiences and views in a small online group and able to listen to others with an open mind in the interests of learning more about what it takes to live happily ever after then this meetup could be for you.

Join Like minded People for some honest talk on relationships

We’ve been having physical Meetups in Norwich, Colchester and Ipswich since September.

Hundreds of people have come to share their opinions, stories and situations.  

We’ve covered many topics such as; 

  • Successful dating strategies
  • Dealing with Narcissists
  • Self Esteem
  • How To Navigate A Relationship Without Losing Yourself
  • Dealing With Conflict In A Relationship
  • Managing Emotions Within A Relationship
  • Compatibility In Relationships
  • The 7 Delusions That Kill Relationships
  • Dating Second Time Around
Dealing with conflict in a relationship

Now You Can Join In Without Leaving Your Home

However, there’s lots of people that have been excluded from our Meetups because of distance, timing and other commitments.

But now you can join in online.


How Does It Work?

Sign up below and you’ll be added to the notification list.

You’ll get emails when there’s new Meetups planned and reminders for upcoming events.  

Click the links and choose to join in video or audio (whichever you prefer) from your phone, laptop or tablet.

Then we’ll talk and see where the discussion takes us.

Friends holding hands

What Are The Discussions Like?

We start with a theme or topic.  From there you’re welcome to ask questions, share stories or opinions. 

Or stay quiet until you feel comfortable. 

Most people have questions relating to their personal circumstances.  We can talk as specifically and personally as you like.  Or we can discuss generalities in a more abstract way.

The biggest difference between the online Meetups and the in person Meetups is that you have the choice of staying anonymous.  

Sometimes people don’t want to share for various reasons.  That’s fine.  You can stay anonymous and ask your question without revealing any personal details. 

We come with different experiences, values and ideas. It is in our open and honest discussion that we can refine our own ideas.

The goal isn’t to change anyone’s mind, but to challenge their thinking so that they come to more clarity and awareness.

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Disclaimer: Why I'm Doing This

My intention in hosting these discussions is to create a platform for open and honest discussion on the issues we face in relationships.

To do this I want to share real stories and real issues.

Therefore these Meetups will be recorded on video and audio. 

The content will be shared in podcast, videos and future articles by The Relationship GPS Project and possibly our funders for marketing and auditing purposes. 

You have the option of signing up with a different name and staying anonymous or signing up for a private coaching package to ask confidential questions.

If you have any further questions feel free to email : rob@relationshipgpsproject.com