How To Heal A Broken Heart

How To Heal A Broken Heart

If you were to ask most people how to heal a broken heart they would say time is a great healer.

It is…  

But you don’t have to wait for enough time to pass.  

You can take the process that happens naturally and do it consciously and so speed it up.

Whole Again is a 28 step process to consciously heal from heartbreak.  Find out more here…

Whole again. Heal from heartbreak.

The Problem With Heartbreak

Going through a relationship break up can be a life shattering time in our life.  

Our dreams are shattered. Our confidence at a rock bottom and all we want to do is curl up and cry.

There’s so many questions, so many emotions and feeling so lost.  

Everyone tells you time is a great healer or there’s plenty more fish in the sea.  But you don’t want a fish (and maybe not even a new partner) and you don’t want to heal in six months.  You want the pain to be over now!

The Solution

How to heal from heartbreak in 5 steps

There are 5 steps to healing from a break up.

You’ll do them naturally at some point. Hence, time being the great healer.  But knowing the steps and dealing with them consciously enables you to heal more effectively and faster.

It means you can take control of the process.  You can do it at whatever pace matches your motivation and it means you can do it more completely.

Often people don’t fully heal from their relationship.  

And so years later they’re still not fully over their ex.  Some research showed that 65% of people (including those in marriages) were not fully over an ex.

Obviously that causes a significant challenge to their current relationship.

Or they build walls around their heart that mean they’re too scared to really open up and connect with future partners.  They are over sensitive and too ready to tar their new partner with the same brush as their ex.

What Do You Need While Healing From HeartBreak?

When you are suffering the torment of a break up you can’t rely on motivation or inspiration.  Your moods fluctuate too wildly and your emotions outweigh your logic.

A Disciplined Process

So you need a disciplined process.  One that takes the guesswork out of what to do.

That’s why I’ve got a 28 step process to take you through to heal.


You need accountability.  You’re not going to feel like doing all the steps.  And some days you’re going to want to slack off and curl up in bed.

That’s why I’ve made accountability a big part of this process.


You need guidance.  The problem with something as emotionally traumatic as a break up is that you literally can’t see the woods for the trees.

At times you’re going to think your situation is so different that it’s different for you.  Or you’re not going to see the logic through the emotions.

That’s why I’m here for coaching hours.  Sitting up in the trees with the binoculars to help you find your way along your path whenever you need to.

Support And Contact With People Who Understand

You need support and a listening ear.  You’re going to want to talk about your ex and your situation lots.

And people usually do to their friends.  But there’s a limit to how many times your friend will want to hear you tell the same story – however a good friend they are.  And the other thing is that the advice you get from friends may or may not be helpful.

First off, some people just can’t stand you feeling pain and will say anything to make you feel better.  

That’s soothing, but sometimes the thing that makes us feel better (like chocolate) in the short term, can also be the thing that makes us feel worse in the long run.  

Also, in being your friend there’s no impartiality.  So maybe his or her view is coloured by you being their friend.  Or maybe their past experiences have led them to jump to certain conclusions.

So there’s a number of reasons why friends and family can sometimes not be the best person to talk to.

That’s why I’ve created a private community for people going through this 28 step process.  So you can talk with people in the same situation. People who understand how you feel and want to talk.  It’s people who are working out their grief in the same context as you and so you have the same common context and framework to make your interactions more productive.

Also, it’s kind of anonymous.  It’s a secret group for people in the same situation as you.  It’s probably people you don’t know and are unlikely to come across in your ordinary life.

So if you’re going through a break up and it’s hitting you hard and you want to be sure to heal quickly, smoothly and completely.  Here is the most effective process. 

It covers everything you need to heal from heartbreak. And guides you through a complete process to ensure you emerge… Whole Again

The Whole Again Support Programme

The 28 Step Programme to Healing You Heartbreak
£ 197
  • Step By Step Guidance
  • Accountability Through The Process
  • Coaching Hours
  • Support Of Likeminded Peers