Is It Perpetual Or Temporary?

We have perpetual problems and we have temporary problems.

Temporary problems are caused by our circumstances. We can solve these by changing the circumstances or our perspective.

Once we solve the problem, the issue can run on autopilot. At least until something goes wrong again.

Perpetual problems are caused by our nature. It’s something in our way of being that causes friction. Perpetual problems aren’t to be solved, but managed.

In what ways does your way of being, jar with life and with others?

What are the perpetual problems in your relationships?

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Relationships Made Simple Club – A community working together to make better relationships step by step.

A Day of Truth – Mediation for couples at deadlock.

Whole Again – A 30 day process to heal after a breakup.

Personal Coaching – 1-1 coaching to help build a better relationship

Relationship Roadmap – A personalised route to a happy relationship

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