Relationship Coaching

End Heartache And Confusion In Your Relationships...

With The Relationship GPS System

Where Are You Are In The Relationship Cycle?

Some might be lucky enough to not complete the relationship cycle, but most of us will make at least a couple of trips through it.

The Relationship GPS System is a tool to demystify relationships and help you navigate them more effectively.

Whether you’re in a relationship you want to fix, healing from heartbreak or want to have a relationship… it can help you to meet the challenges at every stage.

Can My Knowledge and experience be the bridge to better relationships for you

For three decades I’ve been working with people struggling with transitions through stages of the relationship cycle.

Whatever you’re going through I’ve probably seen others go through similar situations.

Some have been successful and some not so successful.  So I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

From this I have identified certain universal patterns.

What I don’t know though is you. 

I don’t know what you specifically want right now.  Or what are the challenges of your situation.

That for me is the excitement. Finding the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

Do you want more from your relationships?  

Can I help you get along that journey more quickly and with less bumps?

I help people see their relationships differently

There are no miracle cures.  But relationships don’t have to be stressful or confusing.

My work is to strip out the confusion and stress from relationships.

What this means is you are then left with choices and decisions to make.  

They aren’t easy always easy choices to make.  But that is the challenge of life.  To decide what you really want and what you are willing to invest in getting what you want.

It all begins with getting real…

It's Time to get real about relationships

Relationship Truth 1
Relationships are a struggle
Relationship Truth 2
They are a struggle because of our narrative
Relationship Truth 3
Relationships are better when we let go of our narrative and build on truth
Relationship Truth 4
There is a path to building on truth with the 8 Relationship Principles and the 8 Relationship Practices.
Take A Month of Truth

what determines success and happiness in relationships?

Our culture tells us that finding love and happiness is largely down to luck.  Finding the right one other that it miraculously works with.

Staying alive in the 19th Century largely came down to avoiding infections, which seemed to be due to luck.

Relationships aren’t down to luck.  There’s a reason why they work or don’t work.

Relationships typically break in three ways;

we have unrealistic expectations

The biggest problem in relationships is what we expect from them.

We think they work without effort.  And so when they don’t work, we don’t realise why they aren’t working.

Wear and Tear of friction

Two people equals two visions.  We are unique.  No-one else wants exactly what we want.  Feels exactly what we want.

And so, this creates friction.  When friction isn’t dealt with, it erodes the relationship.

we sabotage our relationships

Nothing demands more from our emotions than relationships.

Nowhere else will your anxieties and insecurities be as tested.

Without a solid emotional foundation you will lose yourself or the relationship.

The Solution...

Reframe Relationships

Go beyond the myth of the fairy tale and understand how relationships really work.

When you understand relationships differently, your expectations are different and you know how to fix them.

Do Relationships Better

Relationship building is a set of skills.  Resolving difference and dealing with conflict are learnable skills.  

The better you get at these, the better relationships you’ll have.

Get Stronger Emotional Foundations

The basis of relationships are two individuals.  

When you are stronger, more self aware and happier, you are a better partner and more able to support and sustain a relationship that works for you.


get your personalised relationship roadmap

People often talk about working on themselves or their relationships. Yet what do they actually do? A Relationship Roadmap is a list of the key changes you personally need to make, to achieve the relationship you want.
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Readers say

I recommend a good talk with rob, even if you are not looking for someone to provide the solution but just want to say it (what ever comes out) and someone to understand and listen unbiased then Rob i found to be a good listener.


Rob is a very knowledgeable person. When I started talking with him I wasn’t sure if he can understand the things at first place, but when he started responding I was surprised to see the issue from different perspectives and opened unseen areas which helped me to get energy to give a try again. I respect him for his diversity and richness in knowledge.


I would gladly recommend Rob in the process of aiming at surviving a breakup. I really appreciated him contacting me personally upon my first email and replying to my specific questions. A structured 30-day-path provided by him really helped me to get through the tough days, giving me a sense of structure: “I know there will be another task tomorrow, and I hope I will feel a slight bit stronger tomorrow”.