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All of us have challenges and struggles in our relationships.

One of the biggest wastes in life is not learning from other’s mistakes.

If you’ve ever benefited from someone else’s experience or wisdom, don’t you owe it to pass on what you can?

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how i did it

Your success story in getting over a break up, fixing your relationship or finding 'the one'. Inspire someone who feels there's no hope.

My Dating Nightmare

Dating is like a Shakespeare's collected works. You get comedy, tragedy, drama and history. Share yours.

what i've learned

What do you wish you'd have known at 19 that you know now? Share your lessons and save someone the pain.


Read an awesome book and want to share what you've learned? Heard a joke that had you in stitches? Pass it on

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Share your story either by typing it in or by uploading a recording or document.