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The Truth Seeker's Path To Lasting Love

Making Relationships Simpler

Relationships are simple.

It’s relationships with misunderstanding, mistrust and disrespect that are complex.

The solution is to go past the narrative and operate from the truth.

rob mcphillips

The Truth Seeker's Guide To Relationships

A Truth Seeker is someone who goes beyond the platitudes and cliche advice.  It’s someone that realises that magic techniques and secret shortcuts are nothing more than a temporary fix.

It is someone that realises that the truth is what’s going to happen anyway.

People can only sustain an illusion for so long.  They can sweep problems under the carpet.  They can compromise and sacrifice for a while.

But eventually the truth will erupt.  And the relationship will come crashing down.

A Truth Seeker is someone that wants to build a relationship on truth.

This means that the relationship is sustainable.  It works.  It has trust, respect and passion.

It doesn’t come at the expense of one individual.  Instead it enhances the lives of both.

Relationships Are The Gateway To Health, Wealth And Happiness

Research by Harvard University over an 80 year period showed that the factor with the biggest impact on health, wealth and happiness was the quality of relationships.

Everything we want in life comes through our interactions with others in the world.  So the quality of our relationships is critical.

Yet most people suffer mediocre relationships at best.  We have been conditioned to believe relationships are down to chance.  

I believe the best relationships are built.  This project is to map the skills, qualities and frameworks that build relationships that last and work.

Start With The Fundamentals

Our flagship workshop is a month-long journey to rewrite the framework of how you look at relationships.  

It’s critical as most relationship problems come from our model of relationships.  Most people are freewheeling down a big hill and hoping they hit somewhere soft to stop.

Read The Book

First Face North

Before you begin a journey, you have to find your bearings and know where you are.

This beautifully designed book illustrates 32 timeless principles to find happiness.

A free email training on the Truth Seeker’s approach to building on truth.  

Get a grounding in the 4 Relationship Truths, the 8 Foundational Relationship Principles and the 8 Relationship Practices to build a lasting and loving relationship.

Build Your Relationship Roadmap

Most of us take our relationships for granted. 

Or if we’re dating we date on the basis of who’s hot or for random criteria.

Then when our relationships drift off course we wonder how we got there.

Relationships need to be managed, but not obsessed about.

People often say they’re working on themselves or their relationship, but what do they do?

Nothing effective.

Here’s your chance to build your Relationship Roadmap with the exact steps you need to take to ensure a satisfying relationship.

Pick Your Pathway

Healing From A Toxic Relationship

If you’ve been in a relationship with a Narcissist, Psychopath or Sociopath start here.

These toxic relationships can lead to C-PTSD and a number of other specific issues.   

Getting Over a Breakup

The heartbreak following a breakup can be devastating.  

There is a specific process to getting over a broken heart.

clear the clutter in your relationship

Relationships suffer from friction.  The busyness of our lives and poor communication create ruptures in our relationships.

Take a day to get to the truth of what is going on in your relationship.

Decide whether you commit and stay or leave the relationship amicably. 

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Truth Seeker's share their experience

I recommend a good talk with rob, even if you are not looking for someone to provide the solution but just want to say it (what ever comes out) and someone to understand and listen unbiased then Rob i found to be a good listener. Rob is a very knowledgeable person. When I started talking with him I wasn’t sure if he can understand the things at first place, but when he started responding I was surprised to see the issue from different perspectives and opened unseen areas which helped me to get energy to give a try again. I respect him for his diversity and richness in knowledge.
I would gladly recommend Rob in the process of aiming at surviving a breakup. I really appreciated him contacting me personally upon my first email and replying to my specific questions. A structured 30-day-path provided by him really helped me to get through the tough days, giving me a sense of structure: “I know there will be another task tomorrow, and I hope I will feel a slight bit stronger tomorrow”.
I don’t remember now the exact details of the book, (I read it 3 years ago), but I do remember how I felt. The first thing I remember was being really impressed by the depth of your understanding of seemingly complex matters and how effectively you were were able to convey it. It’s the clarity your words provide, that is hard to find with other books. The insights in the book are in a league of their own, as we say here in the states. I wrote you a comment at the time that said it was one of the best I’d read ever and recommended then you publish it. I feel the same today.
Relationship break up advice from a man who's found love and happiness.