The Relationship Masterclass

The Ultimate Relationship Masterclass To Marital Bliss

Relationships are full of potential minefields. And that is why so many fail.  

There’s so many emotions that come up and we’ve never been taught how to process them.

The longer a relationship lasts, the greater the challenges it faces.  Here’s the ingredients a relationship needs to last happily.

The relationship masterclass

There are three main areas where relationships are destroyed.

It’s either in the emotional capacity of one or both individuals to love and accept love.  Not all of us had perfect parenting and a secure start in life.  Even those of us that did, somewhere along the line have been hurt.  However, we can learn and grow in emotional maturity.

It’s in compatibility between the pair, which may or may not be a relationship killer.  There are some couples that should never be together and could never last, but often what people call incompatible is just a problem that can be resolved.

Or it’s in the way that the couple relate to each other.  Relationships and communication is a learned and developed skill.  We often want to move onto a new partner believing that someone else would suit us better to avoid putting in the work, but the truth is, whether it’s fitness, career or relationships, all of these take effort.

Every journey begins once you have somewhere to get to.  

The goal here is to get a clear vision of what relationship success looks like to you.  You also need to know the milestones are along the way so you don’t get discouraged.  And you need to be clear about the aspects you can control and those that you can’t so you don’t get bogged down in dead ends.

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The second part of a journey is knowing here you’re leaving.

You have to get very clear on the specifics of your situation.  You need to look through your relationship history and link up the dots and see the patterns. 

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We’re all different and the relationship and the context that will crush one person’s spirit could be the environment that another will thrive.  You have to know who you are and what works for you

We are the product of our genes, our experiences and the extent to which we have outgrown them.  

You have to know what scars you have and how they hold you back?  

Then you have to look at how you can heal them so that they don’t cloud your future relationships.

Relationships break up when someone loses faith in them, when someone does something the other finds unforgivable or because they agree that they’re incompatible.

Whether you’re currently in a relationship and doubting your compatibility or you’re looking for a partner, you need to look at the 10 dimensions of compatibility and decide what’s the deal breaker and what’s negotiable for you.

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When we’re dating we think a lot about the qualities that we want from other people.  When we’re unhappy with our partner we think a lot about their qualities, or lack of.  Yet do we really consider the qualities we are bringing to a relationship?

A relationship is a reflection of the emotional maturity and the qualities both partners have nurtured.   So if you want a better relationship, part of the equation is accepting you have to be ready to give more to the relationship.

Here’s the key qualities to focus on…

What we do day after day and how we relate to each other is what determines the relationship climate.

Whether a couple stays together happily or the relationship crumbles is dependent on how they face the inevitable challenges that we all face in life.  Do they stand together or let things come between them?  

The difference is knowing these relational skills.

People ruin relationships.  Whether it’s because they’re irrationally jealous, because they’re over-controlling, because they can’t stay faithful and so on.  

We ruin relationships by what we do, but what drives what we do is how we think.  Whether you’re conscious of it or not, these are the seven delusions that kill relationships.  

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The best dating strategy has to be to be the person that other people want to be in a relationship with.  

The more attractive you are to be in a relationship with, the more popular you will be when dating and the more rewarding a relationship will be for your partner.  Of course, this depends on your choosing the partner worthy of you and hence reciprocating. 

step 10: How do i get there?

So in the first couple of steps you saw the gap between what you want and where you are.  Now it’s time to make your action plan to narrow that gap.  

Where’s the problem?

What needs to change?

 How are you going to make those changes?