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What Men Don’t Know About Women And What Women Should Know About Men!

I spend most of my days talking to people about their relationships.  And there is such a disparity between what men and women think and say.

Women treat men as a woman wants to be treated.  Men treat women as a man wants to be treated.

So neither are happy and neither knows why.  And so misunderstanding grows into bitterness.  And the relationship suffers.

The theme for this Meetup is understanding and bridging the differences between the sexes.

This is the first online meetup.  Here’s how it should work;

If you indicate your interest you’ll get a link to join the meeting with instructions of how to join.

You will be offered the choice of joining with video or audio.  

Either is fine. From there it will be like an in-person meeting where – if they are on video – the screen of the person talking will show changing back and forth.


My intention in hosting these discussions is to create a platform for open and honest discussion on the issues we face in relationships.

To do this I want to share real stories and real issues.

Therefore these Meetups will be recorded on video and audio.

The content will be shared in podcast, videos and future articles by The Relationship GPS Project and possibly our funders for marketing and auditing purposes.

You have the option of signing up with a different name and staying anonymous or signing up for a private coaching package to ask confidential questions.

If you have any further questions feel free to email:

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The Self Esteem Audit Workshop

Relationships begin with the individuals in them.  Be the person you’re proud to be and the person you’d love to be with.

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