Who Am I?

Dog and cat looking at each other

Once you’ve figured out where you are and where you are heading to.  The next step is to understand yourself at a deeper level.

We all kind of feel that we have more potential than we are using or demonstrating and it can be one of the most frustrating things and so ‘knowing thyself’ has been one of the oldest and most useful pieces of advice throughout history.  

Yet it’s also among the vaguest.

What exactly does it mean to know yourself?

How do you do it?

What we’re going to do here is go through lots of different ways people have of trying to categorise people through personality tests and even things like horoscopes.  

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you believe in them or even if they are true, because we aren’t going to take them as gospel. Instead you are going to weed through them and use them as the raw materials for a deeper and clearer understanding of who you are and what you’re all about.

At the end of this module you should know the basics of your temperament, your strengths and your preferences.

Myers Briggs Profile and Description


I think these bits are true

I think these bits aren’t true

The Big 5 Personality Test


I think these bits are true

I think these bits aren’t true

Values List

Make a list of the values that seem important to you and tick the boxes and then follow the instructions.


My values in order are;

The Fascination Test


I think these bits are true

I think these bits aren’t true

Enneagram type description


I think these bits are true

I think these bits aren’t true

Zodiac Sign Description



Or any others you find that seem fitting.  It’s not whether they are or aren’t valid, but it gives you something to use to work out what fits you.

I think these bits are true

I think these bits aren’t true

Write down 5 significant memories (meaning these are memories that recur throughout your life)


Write down your 5 biggest failures


Write down your 5 biggest successes


Do you have any favourite quotes?

What resonates with you about it?

Do you have any recurring dreams?

What are your favourite films

What do you like about these films?

Is there a pattern?

Ask A Friend

There are some things you just can’t see looking out.  So your mission is to ask people that know you to share their thoughts on what your strengths are and what holds you back.  Here’s a sample message you can send.


I need your help!

I’m doing some work on myself.  As part of this I need to develop a deeper sense of self awareness and I want an honest opinion of how others see me.

So what I’d like is for you to give me an honest opinion of what I’m like as a person.  That means my strengths, weaknesses, things you like and the annoying things too.

I really want your honest feedback, but I know it’s hard for people to say something that sounds harsh.  And just this once I’m going to put on my big boy/girl pants and take it like without running off and crying.  



P.S – This is a one time offer to be honest with no offence taken 😉

Time To Reflect

Then it’s time to look through your traits, values, strengths and weaknesses and try to find the pattern.

In the previous module you looked at some of your passions and interests.  Now we need to pull that together with your strengths.

Then browse through some quotes and paste the ones that resonate with you most strongly.  Whittle them down until you have a manageable selection that inspire you and speak to you in times of adversity and confusion.

Next, you need to think of heroic figures.  People from stories, films or real life that represent what you admire.  

For example, my three favourite films are Braveheart, 300 and The Passion.

I loved them because each had a character, King Leonidas from 300, William Wallace from Braveheart and Jesus from The Passion that stayed true to what they believed no matter the outcome.  All three died, but lived with honour and gave their life in pursuit of something greater than them.

I know the real life versions weren’t all as noble, but it’s ok to use fictional heroes because we’re looking for ideals rather than actual reality here.  

When I match this up with my highest value, Honour, this tells me that what I’m about is living an honourable life and staying true to what you believe.

Other people might use Gandhi, Martin Luther King or whoever.  

Now think about what it is that you admire about each heroic figure.  Their daring, their determination or whatever else. Your admiration is a clue to what you value.

So then you’re wanting to work out the main themes of your life.  What gives you a sense of purpose and mission and guides your decisions and actions day to day.  What is the criteria that you use to judge how well you are living.

If you can reduce your guiding principle to a motto of about a sentence you’ll have something that can cut through all the clutter and confusion in life.

The Questions To Answer

The final questions you want to be able to answer after this process are the following.   These aren’t the kind of questions you can just answer once.  Each time you revise them you’ll get deeper answers and as you naturally evolve through life you’ll get different answers as you change and mature.

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What are your weaknesses?
  3. What areas should you emphasise developing and where should you avoid as much as possible?